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MELEXIS [ Melexis Microelectronic Systems ]
PCB Prototype
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MLX75123 Time-of-Flight Companion Chip
Features & Benefits
Combines four high speed ADCs with a
digital sensor control for Melexis’ TOF
camera sensors
Integrated light source control with
modulation frequencies between
12-40 MHz
Programmable modulation frequencies to
avoid module to module crosstalk
Up to 8 raw phases per frame
Pre-processed difference & sum output
modes to reduce the data bandwidth
Continuous or triggered operation modes
Configurable over I
C up to 400kHz
12-bit parallel camera interface up to
Region of interest (ROI) selection
Horizontal & vertical flip/mirror modes
Per-phase statistics & diagnostics
Ambient operating temperature ranges
of -20 +85°C and
-40 +105°C
AEC-Q100 qualification available!
MLX75123 is a fully integrated companion chip for
Melexis’ Time-of-Flight (TOF) sensors. It’s perfectly
suited for automotive and non-automotive
applications, including, but not limited to, gesture
recognition, driver monitoring, skeleton tracking,
people or obstacle detection and traffic monitoring.
This sensor interface is designed to connect
instinctively to any Melexis TOF sensor and the
output can be directly connected to a camera
parallel port and I
C interface of a microcontroller.
The chip features a configurable sequencer to
control the TOF sensor and will sequentially provide
the 12-bit output data from its four built-in high-
speed ADCs for an accurate analog to digital
conversion. Furthermore, MLX75123 synchronously
provides the control signals for a modulated light
source (LED or laser based). Combined with a TOF
sensor like MLX75023, the MLX75123 offers a cost-
effective, integrated, QVGA (320x240) pixel
resolution camera solution. This chipset can deliver
raw TOF data up to 600 frames per second. The
device is available in a compact 7x7mm AQFN
package and offers a variety of integration
Figure 1: MLX75123 package