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DIALIGHT [ Dialight Corporation ]
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Rapid Charge™ AC/DC Digital
Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller
1 Description
The iW1782 is a high performance AC/DC power supply controller for rapid charge that uses digital control technology
to build peak-current mode PWM flyback power supplies. The device operates in quasi-resonant mode to provide high
efficiency and a number of key built-in protection features. The iW1782 can achieve tight multi-level constant voltage
and multi-level constant current regulation without a traditional secondary-feedback circuit. It also eliminates the need
for loop compensation components while maintaining stability over all operating conditions.
The iW1782 is optimized to work with Dialog’s iW636 secondary-side controller for Qualcomm
Quick Charge™ 3.0
(QC3.0) technology, to achieve fast and smooth voltage transition upon request by mobile devices (MD). When paired
with the iW636, the iW1782 eliminates the discrete decoders on the primary side, minimizes the external component
count and simplifies system designs. The iW636 can communicate with the iW1782 through one opto-coupler for
all the necessary rapid charge information including output voltage requests, output current limits, output voltage
undershoot and output over-voltage.
Dialog’s innovative proprietary technology ensures that power supplies designed with the iW636 and iW1782 can
provide 5V/9V/12V output voltage configuration for QC2.0 and other proprietary protocols and 3.6V to 12V in 200mV
increments for QC3.0, with user-selected various output current limit combinations. Furthermore, the chipset can
achieve <10mW no-load power consumption at 5V2A output setting and fast dynamic load response in typical AC/DC
rapid charge adapter designs.
2 Features
Supports rapid charge technologies such as
Quick Charge™ 3.0 (QC3.0) technology
to provide 3.6V to 12V in 200mV increments with user-
selected various output current limit combinations
Proprietary secondary-to-primary digital
communication and built-in decoder eliminate discrete
decoder and significantly simplify system design
● Proprietary optimized load adaptive maximum
constant frequency PWM switching with quasi-
resonant operation achieves best size, efficiency, and
common mode noise
● Multi-mode PWM/PFM control improves efficiency at
various load conditions
● User-configurable 4-level cable drop compensation
Single opto-coupler for all the rapid charge information:
independent of output voltage
output voltage request, output current limit, output
design enhances manufacturability
voltage undershoot, and over-voltage protection
Built-in single-point fault protections against output
● Tight multi-level constant-voltage and multi-level
short-circuit including soft short and half short, output
constant-current regulation with primary-side feedback
over-voltage, and output over-current
and control
Ultra-low no-load power consumption with lowest
system cost (<10mW at 230V
with typical 5V2A
setting using Schottky diode rectifier; <20mW at
with typical 5V2A setting using synchronous
● Fast dynamic load response (DLR) with secondary-
side load transient detection
smart hiccup technology
helps address issues of soft shorts in cables and
connectors by effectively reducing the average output
power at fault conditions without latch
● User-configurable external shutdown control
● No audible noise over entire operating range
3 Applications
● Rapid-charging AC/DC adapters for smart phones,
tablets and other portable devices (3.6V-12V, 1A-3A).
Quick Charge
3.0 is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Product Summary
Rev. 1.3
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