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HSMG-A100-J02J1 Datasheet Download

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[Surface Mount LED Indicator]
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 HSMG-A100-J02J1 Datasheet Page:2HSMG-A100-J02J1 Datasheet Page:3HSMG-A100-J02J1 Datasheet Page:4HSMG-A100-J02J1 Datasheet Page:5HSMG-A100-J02J1 Datasheet Page:6HSMG-A100-J02J1 Datasheet Page:7HSMG-A100-J02J1 Datasheet Page:8HSMG-A100-J02J1 Datasheet Page:9 
Agilent HSMx-A10x-xxxxx PLCC-2
Surface Mount LED Indicator
Data Sheet
• Industry standard PLCC-2
• High reliability LED package
• High brightness using AlInGaP
and InGaN dice technologies
This family of SMT LEDs is
packaged in the industry standard
PLCC-2 package. These SMT
LEDs have high reliability
performance and are designed to
work under a wide range of
environmental conditions. This
high reliability feature makes
them ideally suited to be used
under harsh interior automotive
as well as interior signs
application conditions.
To facilitate easy pick & place
assembly, the LEDs are packed in
EIA-compliant tape and reel.
Every reel will be shipped in
single intensity and color bin,
except red color, to provide close
• Available in full selection of
These LEDs are compatible with
IR solder reflow process. Due to
the high reliability feature of
these products, they can also be
mounted using through-the-wave
soldering process.
The super wide viewing angle at
120˚ makes these LEDs ideally
suited for panel, push button, or
general backlighting in
automotive interior, office
equipment, industrial equipment,
and home appliances. The flat top
emitting surface makes it easy for
these LEDs to mate with light
pipes. With the built-in reflector
pushing up the intensity of the
light output, these LEDs are also
suitable to be used as LED pixels
in interior electronic signs.
• Super wide viewing angle at 120˚
• Available in 8 mm carrier tape on
7 inch reel (2000 pieces)
• Compatible with both IR and TTW
soldering process
• Interior automotive
– Instrument panel backlighting
– Central console backlighting
– Cabin backlighting
• Electronic signs and signals
– Interior full color sign
– Variable message sign
• Office automation, home appli-
ances, industrial equipment
– Front panel backlighting
– Push button backlighting
– Display backlighting
CAUTION: HSMN,M,K and E-A10x-xxxxx LEDs are Class 2 ESD sensitive. Please observe appropriate
precautions during handling and processing. Refer to Agilent Application Note AN-1142 for
additional details.